"Protect Our Oceans"


"Big Brothers Big Sisters"






"Sunshine State"







"Animal Friend"




"Catch Me...Release Me"




"Conserve Wildlife"


"Discover Florida's Horses"


"Discover Florida's Oceans"


"Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University"


"Endless Summer"


"Florida State University"


"Golf Capital of the World"




"Invest In Children"


"Live the Dream"


"Miami Heat"


"Protect Florida Whales"


"Protect Our Reefs"


"Protect the Panther"


"Protect Wild Dolphins"


      "Florida Salutes Firefighters"            "Souvenir reproduction plate"


"Florida Salutes Veterans"


"Save Our Seas"


"In God We Trust"


"Save the Manatee"


"Support Our Troops"


"Support Soccer"


"Tampa Bay Estuary"


"Trees Are Cool"


"United We Stand - September 11, 2001"


"State Wildflower - Coreopsis"


"Novelty / Souvenir"