Jacco | 09/01/2014

Nice website lots of interesting plates. Keep up the good work!

Awesome plates

Alen | 07/01/2014

For sure one of the most serious license plate collectors in Europe (and world). Great collection! I can't wait to see more of them.


JAMES D. (JIM) WALTON | 05/01/2014

Ya got a nice webpage here MR. DINO!! ZADAR's BEST!! Thank you letting be a part of this website. always a pleasure to share, and learn, more of, about our great Hobby.
Meeting new collectors, and there edcational backrounds world wide, has broaden my interests towards people in commom.

Just a quick Note. I have been collectiong sense the age of 13-14, feel sontimes, like I'm just getting started.

checking it out

mike clapper | 04/01/2014

looks good

Looking good

Dimitri | 03/01/2014

Very nice collection,and a even nice site good job!!

Yo yo yo!!!

DEYO | 02/01/2014

That's my brother! License plate king from Europe KING D. !!!
Great site and very,very nice plates!!!


Dino going pro!

Big Meja Serbia | 02/01/2014

Finally my friend Dino Da Boss has awesome plate site! Freaking huge collection of US plates, didn't know you have them so many! Ohh, happy New Year, wish you and to your fam all the best and ofc, new awesome plates too!!

beautiful pl8

Alberto | 30/12/2013

Hi Dino Great site and beautiful PLATES..

Dave From Willson Enterprises InCA

Dave Wilson, California | 29/12/2013

Nice site bro!


Sheryyyyyyyy | 29/12/2013

Great site Jerze! Nice platez. I still have the ones from my motorcycle I'll send them soon!

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